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Nemesis Wheel lock the ONLY thatcham approved caravan wheel lock on the market

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Weighing in at just over 3kg and able to fit in a shoe box, installation of the Nemesis Ultra wheel clamp is a simple matter of locate, lock and go. Despite its compact size it is incredibly secure, boasting Thatcham Category 3 Quality Assured status.

The unique feature of the patented design Nemesis Ultra is that the clamp locks to a universal wheel bolt and the clamp itself goes through the wheel as opposed toaround it as with a traditional wheel clamp, meaning that all the parts that would need to be attacked in an attempt to remove the clamp are either in or behind the wheel, making access incredibly difficult for the would-be thief.

•Super compact design wheelclamp designed for caravans with alloy wheels - light and easy to store

•Patented design prevents wheel rotation and removal

•British made Lowe and Fletcher 9-pin anti-pick lock

•Resistant to cutting, drilling and gas-freezing.

•Comes with storage bag

NB: Designed to fit most caravans, the receiver bolt which replaces one of your existing wheel bolts is a 12mm bolt (19mm socket size) with 1.5mm thread pitch, and 60 degree conical seating. If unsure please check with your caravan manufacturer before installation.

Price: £119.99 £179.99